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    14.03.2015 – 29.03.2015

    Marius Strugariu


    Opening: 14th March 7pm with a performance by : xxx

    AB ORIGINE is a time/space introspection, where archaic symbols define contemporary issues. The observer is invited to reflect upon his Absolute Self, in the midst of a field of collective memories coming from the roots of existence.
    In what the artist calls Mirrors, embodied in an installation of paintings, he depicts the pure Potential of our inner Self through reflections over ones self perceptions.
    Its all about harmonic frequencies that fuse the mental states together with the Essence of the source of knowledge and information.
    The artist invites us to step further into understanding the mechanisms of constraint and comprehend a field of absolute unconditional energy.

    lectures and screenings // fairy tales and archaic symbols // every Friday during expo

    Opening times :  
    Wednesday, Friday 15h - 18h 
    Saturday, Sunday    14h - 17h