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  1. Cruising along the Ocean  Energy/Future

    12.09 2014 – 05.10 2014

    A spontaneous invitation by Willem van Kempen to a group of individual artists he felt related to, gave birth to this exhibition.
    The exhibition is about the problematic area between making and showing, finished and unfinished, quality and judgment. It is not so much about painting, assembling, collage, sculpture or the possibility of an ‘image’, it is about the problem of presenting the work. The quest for the best presentation form, that respects the ephemeral character of the works.
    We believe, that this presentation, as it is shown now in B32 Artspace, depicts the current questioning on the art-object in the most subdued manner: an inventory of studies, work, relics and residues shown in an archival fashion.

    Artists: Dirk Bours, Lorna Buckley, Oscar Creemers, Paul Drissen, Chantal Le Doux, Willem van Kempen, Ray Moon, Maarten Spons

    With contributions from: Simon Schothorst, Ronja Markworth en Jeroen Jaenen

    Organised by: Joep Vossebeld

    Pictures: Lorelinde Verhees

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